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While investors who make strategic investments in undervalued companies can transform said business as well as their own portfolio, investors who make strategic investments in companies with an ethical purpose can change the world. The investors that history remembers kindly are not the ones with the highest yields; history looks fondly on the investors who use their economic power to help bring positive to individuals and society at large. Investors who are looking to make a difference have a wide array of industries and companies on a moral mission to choose from.

Biotechnology is a thriving industry with a plethora of innovative companies using cutting-edge technology to solve the most complex and important health issues of our time. Of course, as the COVID-19 Pandemic spread throughout the world over the last few years, investments and innovations in biotechnology are more important now than ever.

Skye Drynan is an investor, entrepreneur, inventor, and thought leader pioneering multiple market-disrupting projects in the biotechnology space, helping people live happier and healthier lives. Drynan has a long history in both investment and biotechnology, always betting on herself. Whether it's excelling on the boys' soccer team as a teenager, becoming the first person in the history of Putnam Investments to transition from their operations division to their investment division, or asking to become the Global Head of Health Care at Credit Suisse at just 27 years old, Drynan knows she can overcome any challenge and reach any goal she sets her mind to.

As a female who has risen to the top of multiple male-dominated industries, Drynan understands what it is like to be underestimated and put in a box. In addition to breaking into multiple 'boys clubs,' Drynan is constantly misunderstood by her peers due to her knowledge about and success in a wide variety of fields. As an inventor with 7 original issued bra patents plus an issued seamless shopping patent called UWIN (U Want It Now), a fashion enthusiast and entrepreneur, and a successful biotech investor who can speak technically about the industry, the depth and width of Drynan's knowledge is unparalleled. Drynan likes to joke that she is just as "comfortable on the red carpet as she is in the boardroom and as a keynote speaker." In addition to the hard work necessary to rise to the top of any field as a technical investor and entrepreneur, Drynan has unfortunately experienced personal and familial health issues over the course of her life. These personal experiences inform Drynan's interest in and excitement about biotechnology.

After graduating from Wellesley and becoming the first person in the history of Putnam Investments to transition from a call center to their investment division, Drynan continued to overachieve and outperform her peers. In her first year in the investment division, Drynan took another risk, speaking truth to power about an investment decision when other employees in her cohort stayed silent about Eurotunnel and Canary Wharf's untenable debt structures. Ultimately being proved right -- helping the company minimize its risks and maximize its returns -- Drynan finished at the top of her class.

Eventually, Drynan would take her newly honed investment skills in order to serve and honor her love for biotechnology; Drynan went to work for Margaret Smith just at the beginning of the genomic boom. After getting special permission to take a genetic engineering course at Harvard and spending two nights a week at MIT labs, Drynan quickly built her technical understanding of the science powering the most important biotechnology innovations. This allowed Drynan to work for a small sell side boutique company in New Jersey building her book of business with some of the largest players in the industry. Her short report on Schering-Plough paved the way for Drynan to join Credit Suisse Asset Management.

Drynan had to prove herself once again, working hard to prove to the CEO that she deserves the job as the Global Head of Healthcare. Drynan bet on herself and took a risk yet again by asking the CEO of Credit Suisse Asset Management to become the Global Head of Health Care. Impressing him with her presentation, her confidence in herself, and her desire to make successful biotechnology investments in companies that were poised to make a positive difference in the world, Drynan secured the job. Stating that he probably would not have given her the job unless she asked, Drynan's willingness to bet on herself bore fruits once again.

This gave Drynan even more experience and legitimacy to take a position at Capital Group, working with some of the most innovative and life-saving biotechnology companies in the world over the last 12 years. During this time, Drynan made partner, became widely recognized as a thought leader in the industry, and has worked with companies to drive the science forward in genetic engineering, cellular therapies, cancer cures, viral treatments, and vaccines.

Recently, Drynan finally made the jump to be her own boss, investing in biotechnology ventures as well as starting her own fashion and tech enterprise. Using her 7 original issued bra patents (+2 patents pending) and 1 issued tech patent (+1 patent pending) , Drynan is now the CEO of House of Skye, a high-tech, high-function, high-fashion brand. Drynan's unique ability to combine the best of fashion and technology has sparked the interests of Carrie Underwood, Lady Gaga, Paris Hilton, Gwen Stefani, Kevin Jonas, Kelly Mi Li and more - all of whom have been seen in House of Skye.

As a thought leader and market-moving investor in biotechnology, we are excited to see how Skye Drynan continues to improve the world with her strategic biotechnology investments as well as her new entrepreneurial projects.


Written by David Thompson, Tech Times